Silvana Orengo, District Secratary

Silvana Orengo is your District Secretary for this year and she is so excited to be working with you all! She’s a competitive dancer who attends Riviera Preparatory School in Miami where she was the 2021-2022 Division 26B Lieutenant Governor. When she is not dancing you can find her reading or watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix! 

  • What are your future plans after high school? 

    • Post high-school life to me looks like being at the perfect college for me, getting a cat, and studying forgein relations. I would love to work in diplomacy one day. 

  • What is an inside joke that only your Key Club friends might only know? 

    • There are a bunch but I’ll just list a few: Juanita, are you sleeping on the floor, Joslay, and parly-pro.

  • What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?

    • Gilmore Girls season is finally here so I am taking full advantage of fall to start my annual rewatch! Some other favorites of mine include Madame Secretary, Grey’s Anatomy, and Vampire Diaries. 

  • What is your favorite color?

    • My favorite color is gold. Some will say that it’s not a color but I disagree. Who doesn’t love a good gold shine?

  • What is your recent obsession?

    • I am currently obsessed with baking. I blame tik tok entirely for their aesthetic recipe videos! I’m excited for my next cooking adventure, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 

  • What is something people may not know about you?

    • Most people don’t know that I have been a dancer for fifteen years. I love all styles but ballet has the number one spot in my heart.

  • What are clubs or activities outside of Key Club?

    • As I mentioned before I dance but I also teach dance to preschool kids. I’m also a part of seven honor societies at school and HIP or health information project.

  • If you can only eat one food forever, what would it be?

    • S’mores are my ride-or-die snack. You can add pretzels to make it salty or keep it traditionally sweet. I will never get tired of them! 

  • Coffee or Tea?

    • Tea, all the way. I’m not one for the taste of coffee or caffeine, it makes me anxious. 

  • Favorite all-time band?

    • The Foo Fighters are my favorite band, at least for now. My favorite song is Pretender. I always have it on repeat!

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