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Key Club International: Dues

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What are Club Dues?

  • Club Dues are payed annually to both the Florida District of Key Club and Key Club International
    District and International dues are $14.00 ($7.00 for District and $7.00 for International)
  • Clubs may add an additional amount to be retained by the club. Total dues amount must be in your Club Bylaws as approved by two-thirds vote of your members.
  • The Membership Update Center (MUC) is used to input and update membership information and will be open in September.

Why Should I Pay Dues?

  • A Key Club must pay dues in order to be in good standing with Key Club International, be eligible for awards, attend District Conference, and more.
  • Payment of dues to Key Club International is a requirement for a student to be considered a Key Club member.
  • District dues provide training for the District Board members, travel, services to clubs, the Florida Opportunity Fund, and general expenses. These dues also support the Endowment fund, which provides college scholarships to Key Clubbers, and reduces the cost of DCON.
  • International dues help create and distribute resources, such as promotional materials, posters, and the Key Club Magazine, provide membership cards and pins, help underwrite the cost of International Convention, and provide recognition awards.