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Florida District Key Club

The Florida District is made up of 42 divisions throughout Florida, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Serving the mighty, mighty 22,000+ members since 1939. In fact, Key Clubbers are part of a global network of clubs and members who partner with each other and with organizations whose missions aligns with ours. All around the world – and in communities like yours – Key Club International is showing that caring is our way of life.

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Keymmunity, a vital aspect of the Florida District program, empowers District Executives and Lieutenant Governors to oversee monthly reports and communicate with clubs through the Officer Information Form (OIF). Access is limited to club presidents, secretaries, and advisors. It ensures efficient and confidential communication channels. Keymmunity strengthens collaboration and accountability within the district, fostering a cohesive and effective leadership network.”

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