Applying for FLOF

1. Download the FLOF Application.

2. Follow instructions and fill out Part 1.

3Email your application to your Lieutenant Governor and the District Treasurer to fill out their respective parts. Your Lieutenant Governor must fill our Part 2: Lieutenant Governor Comments within one week of your FLOF submission.


5After receiving the grant, download the Follow-Up Report.

6Submit the Follow-Up Report within three weeks of the project date or the beginning date of an ongoing project.

7Failure to account for all of the money will result in the return of all FLOF funds to the District, the eligibility of the club and its members to receive awards, and the ineligibility of the club to receive a FLOF grant for the current and next year.

About YOF

The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is Key Club International’s grant program for service projects. You can receive funding for projects between $100-$2,000 once a year. Applicants must have an adult advisor. Divisional projects will not receive a YOF Grant. For more information about YOF, view a presentation.

Applying for YOF

1. Applications can be found here.

2. Applications must be received by Key Club International on or prior to October 15.

3. Wait for the decision, which will be released in mid-January.

4. Use all grant money for the purposes detailed in your application.

5. Keep accurate financial records and include the records in your final report.

  2. 2. Submit a final written report within 2 weeks of the completion of the project.
  3. 3. Once Step 7 is completed, Key Club International will distribute the funds to your club.

Success Stories

    1. The Dictionary Project – Gulf Breeze High School

      Gulf Breeze High School was able to purchase 870 dictionaries which were donated to local elementary schools. These dictionaries have greatly helped the students at these schools amass new vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension skills.
    1. Meals of Hope – Divisions 18 and 19

      In this project, 177 Kiwanis Family members got together to pack meals for the hungry and homeless population in their area. The project which tied into the Governor’s Project at the time was done through an organization called Meals of Hope. At the end of the project, more than 38,000 meals had been put together.
    1. CHOW NOW (Children Hungry on Wheels, Not on Our Watch) – Bradenton Christian School

      This project NOW provides non-perishable foods for homeless children during the weekends. The BCS Key Club was able to expand the CHOW NOW project. They now feed twenty homeless children weekly, and the program is growing.
    1. Habitat for Humanity Build – Jesuit High School

      The Habitat for Humanity Build was a project in which members of Jesuit’s Key Club helped set the foundation for a building, raise the walls, and secure the walls, all in one day.
    1. Senior Prom – Trinity Preparatory School

    This Senior Prom project gave senior citizens another chance to have the full prom experience again: having a date, dancing with friends, interacting with people in a happy setting, and taking pictures. Each senior received a small flower to take home with them as a reminder of their fun night.


Please contact the District Treasurer at!