All Hands On Deck

Governor's Project

This year, the Governor’s Project is called All Hands on Deck, which is about ensuring the success of our children by making sure that they have the resources for their wellbeing, education, and lifestyle to succeed. This project is broken down into three components, the timeline for which is non-binding but can be used for organizational purposes.

To ensure our future leaders progress, we need all YOUR hands on deck.

Make sure to show off your service with:



Phase 1 - Wellbeing (July - September)

Serving to protect and improve the physical and mental wellbeing of today's youth.

Sample Projects:

– Conducting Food 

– Clothing drives

– Volunteering at a local soup kitchen

– Creating First-Aid Kits

– Collecting Blankets for Youth Homeless Shelters

Phase 2 - Education (October - December)

Serving to aid in the nourishment and development of child education.

Sample Projects:

– Hosting book drives, 

– Participating in youth tutoring, 

– Conducting elementary read-aloud

– Volunteering at a library

– Participating in mutual education (ex: Free Rice, UNICEF Math for Good, etc.)

Phase 3 - Community (January - February)

Serving to develop strong relationships with children, both in and out of Key Club.

Sample Projects:

– Partnering with K-Kids/Builders Club

– Volunteering at your local elementary school

– Sponsoring a local elementary’s spelling bee/field trip

– Participating in youth mentoring programs (ex: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America)

If you have any questions pertaining to the 2023-2024 Governor’s Projects, please contact Kristina Glebov: