Lit For Life

Governor's Project

This year, the Governor’s Project is called Lit For Life, and it is about making sure every child is given the opportunity to foster proper literacy skills.​​ This project is broken up into three components, the timeline for which is non-binding but can be used for organizational purposes.

To leave legacies of literacy, we need your active involvement!

Make sure you show off your service with:



Phase 1 - Access (May - August)

Providing opportunities for more children to access literature.

Sample Projects

– Book drives 

– Book Fair

– Exchanging books

– Creating books

– Agenda drives

Phase 2 - Community (September - December)

Developing strong relationships with our community through a shared love of literature.

Sample Projects:

– Tutoring projects

– Mentoring programs

– Social media literary analysis (posting what piece of literature you are reading)

– Pen pal system

– School-wide read-a-thon

Phase 3 - Exposure (January - March)

Exposing our community to literature through previously accessed books, agendas, etc.

Sample Projects:

– Reading buddies with K-Kids/Builders Club

– Reading to kids

– Book clubs

– Creative writing workshops

– Local author talks

If you have any questions pertaining to the 2024-2025 Governor’s Projects, please contact Diyora Hamzaeva: