PLAN for a better future

Physical Fitness

The overall goal is to encourage our youth and peers to enjoy outdoor activities and make it fun! (April-August)
    Like making dog toys for animal shelter, Helping with your schools sporting events or local 5K runs, Anything that encourages the youth to go outside and have fun!


Encourages healthy relationships, self-care, and so much more! (September to December):
    Like making cards or goodie bags to motivate students, hosting a stuffed animal drive and delivering to kids in the hospital and foster care for Christmas, or making self-care bags and donating them to the local homeless shelter



is vital for everyday life. There are so many children and peers who do not have access to the proper nutrients needed. (January to April)
    Projects like serving food at your local homeless shelter, making PB&J’s, and participating in Kids Against Hunger
Anything that provides the proper nutrition for our peers and youth!