Governor’s Project



This year Governor Felanté joins the Florida District with The HEALTH Project in an effort to alleviate the various effects of poverty in our homes, schools, and communities. From starting a recycling program at your high school, to providing meals for the homeless in your community, to reading and tutoring at local elementary schools, everyone can very easily tap into this project. With The HEALTH Project, your club can work on projects that involve educating others about the disadvantaged, working with all age groups, making sure your community is healthy, and so much more. Use the hashtag #FLKCHealth on social media for a chance to be featured in The Sunshine Source.

Governor’s Project Key Club of the Month

The Governor’s Project Key Club of the Month will be awarded to a Key Club that has been recognized for displaying an outstanding effort towards The HEALTH Project. If you believe your Key Club deserves to be recognized, please email the club’s name and a summary of why they are eligible to


H.E.A.L.T.H. Guidebook

Click here to download the H.E.A.L.T.H. Guidebook for service project ideas, club spotlights, and more!


Governor’s Project Week: January 22-26, 2018


Monday: Hunger and Thirst Day

Reach out to your local soup kitchen or food distribution center. Find out how your Key Club can help package, transport, and distribute what is needed. Get Kiwanis, the rest of your school, and other community organizations involved. Take lots of pictures and make sure everyone knows about it!


Tuesday: Environmental Action Day

Pick a park or recreational area within your community that needs cleaning and organize a large scale clean up using your Kiwanis Family resources. Convince all of your friends to come out to the event on the days leading up to the clean up. You could even make it a competition between your Key Club and the other clubs in your school!

Wednesday: Less-Fortunate Day

Organize a clothing or a food drive in your community and donate the goods to a local homeless shelter. You could even ask to stay and volunteer in the homeless shelter by cleaning, cooking, or speaking with the residents. Go above and beyond and make this a weekly service project within your club!

Thursday: Teaching Day

Contact local schools and youth organizations and ask how you can be of assistance. Whether you’re reading to the younger generation,mentoring them, or serving as an inspiring, older role model, the possibilities are endless. Establish a committee in your Key Club dedicated to managing this effort so that you are able to continue to be involved with younger generations throughout the year.


Friday: Health Day

On this day, clubs are encouraged to participate in any service project that falls under The HEALTH Project that best suits their individual community. Is there anything you did not have the opportunity to complete earlier in the week? Get creative and share your ideas and pictures with other Key Clubs by using the hashtag #FLKCHealth.




Contact the Governor’s Project Committee at