Campaigning for Governor,Treasurer, and Secretary

All Candidates for the office of Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, and running for International Endorsement will spend most of their time campaigning at DCON. Candidates will also be allowed to campaign by filming videos giving their speeches and answering some questions to be shown in Zone Rallies throughout the District.  Guidelines for these videos can be found here. All candidates should also submit a signed copy of the Election Rules and RegulationsAll documents must be signed and turned in at least two weeks before the Thursday of DCON.

Applying for Editor, Webmaster, Executive Assistant, DCON Chair, and Standing Committee Chair

If you are applying for Webmaster, Editor, Executive Assistant, DCON Chair, or Standing Committee Chair,  your forms must be turned in two week prior to the opening session of DCON at 7:30pm. All candidates will be thoroughly reviewed by the Governor and Adult Advisors. Candidates will then be selected for an interview. Candidates will be notified of their appointment status (i.e appointment or not) within 30 days of DCON.

Campaigning is NOT allowed for appointed positions.



The District Governor is responsible for the overall operations of the district board. They train other district officers, appoints committees and assigns directives, builds and maintains relationships with other Kiwanis-family leaders and communicates district needs and desires to the international board liaison also known as International Trustee. The Governor is elected at District Education and Leadership Conference. 

The District Secretary keeps and reports all district minutes and maintains all records for the district, including Pride Reports and Officer Information Forms. They also provide support to the club secretaries. District Secretary is elected at District Education and Leadership Conference.

The District Treasurer is responsible for overseeing a district budget, monitoring finances, approving all expenditures, creating and filing all appropriate reports, and coordinating dues collection. They also provide support to the club treasurers. District Treasurer is elected at District Education and Leadership Conference.

Each Lieutenant Governor is responsible for supporting and growing the clubs within their division and serving as a liaison between the district and the club. Duties include publication of a newsletter, holding divisional council meetings (DCM), training and consulting with club officers and advisors, and serving on one or more district committees. Lt. Governors are generally elected at  Zone Rally.

The District Webmaster is responsible for all online district communications. This includes but is not limited to, managing and updating the District website and supervising use of Keymmunity. The Webmaster is a website resource to clubs in the district, as well as a resource to District Committees. This is an appointed position.

The District Editor is responsible for coordinating, editing and distributing The Sunshine Source, and ensuring adherence to Key Club graphic standards and notifying contributors of deadlines and requirements. The District Editor reviews all 42 MEBs that are created by Lieutenant Governors.They are a resource to clubs on how to effectively keep club members informed. This is an appointed position.

The District Executive Assistant serves as the official aide to the Executive Committee in creating forms, resources and files for the Florida District and the District Board. They may be assigned special projects by the Governor or Executive Committee. This is an appointed position.

The DCON Chair will have the responsibility of effectively working with a committee of students and adults to plan and manage a successful annual Florida District Education and Leadership Conference. This is an appointed position.

The Standing Committee Chairs are responsible for the operations and logistics of one of the current Florida District Standing Committees. They must work with their executive advisor, adult advisor, and committee members to ensure the efficiency of project completion. This is an appointed position.

Running for International Endorsement allows you the opportunity to campaign for higher office at District Education and Leadership Conference which qualifies you to run at International Convention.