How to Start a New Club

Interested in chartering a new Key Club at your high school? These resources will help you.

At the Key Club Chartering Toolkit page you will find just about everything you need to start a new Key Club. Note that there are three forms that need to be completed and signed:

  • Petition for Charter
  • Charter Member Roster (in Excel)
  • Standard Form for Club Bylaws

These forms are available at the above link, but we suggest that you use this version of the Standard Form for Club Bylaws – MS Word Version because it will be easier for you to make the revisions needed and it already has some information filled in for you.

We also highly recommend that you type as much information as possible to avoid mistakes when your information is recorded at Key Club International. When you use the Excel version of the Charter Member Roster and type into this document it will ensure that names and email addresses are entered correctly and able to be read. It is important on the roster to include each member’s email, year of graduation, and gender.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once all forms are completed, signed, and ready to be mailed with the required payment, be sure to scan or copy these documents just in case they get lost in the mail. They will also become a permanent record for your club and sponsoring Kiwanis club.

When starting a new club, you should contact the Key Club Lt. Governor for your area so that he or she can assist you. Visit the Contact Information page on our website. If you cannot determine which Lt. Governor to contact, write to the District Secretary.