Keys for Kids Guidebook

The Governor's Project Guidebook is a comprehensive guide to all things Keys For Kids! This resource contains service project ideas, organizations & preferred charities, and how to share your Governor's Project service. Make sure to utilize this resource to get involved with Keys For Kids.

Keys for Kids Guidelines

The Governor’s Project Committee is proud to present the 2020-2021 Keys For Kids Brand Guidelines! This resource contains the logos, fonts, and colors that unify Governor Joey’s initiative and make Keys For Kids graphics recognizable.

Each year, the District Governor selects one main service focus as their Governor’s Project. Governor Joey Chen’s Keys For Kids project aims to unlock a better future by empowering a generation of life-long leaders. This can be achieved by showing kindness, encouraging leadership, making connections, and supporting children in need.
  • Aims to empower a generation of lifelong leaders and unlock a better future
  • Build connections between youth across the Florida District
  • Promote success and goal achievement regardless of socioeconomic status
  • Assist and support children in marginalized communities