Keymmunity is the Florida District of Key Club’s system of collecting the Officer Information Forms (OIFs) and Online Pride Reports (OPRs). Both of these documents are necessary for your clubs to complete as they provide vital information to your Lieutenant Governor about the overall health of your club. There is more information about the OIF and OPR below: 

  • The OIF provides contact information for your Lieutenant Governor to be able to contact your club about future meetings, service projects, and District events. 
  • The OPR is a monthly report that describes your club’s projects and meetings every month to demonstrate your club’s activity to your Lieutenant Governor and the District. It is due on the 10th of every following month (ex. the November OPR is due December 10th), and there will be some exceptions throughout the year that your Lieutenant Governor will inform you about. 
  • The OIF and OPR also qualify your clubs for a variety DCON awards!

Additionally, please submit accurate service hours in your OPR. A service hour is defined as the time spent to collect, count, package, and/or deliver the objects, and hours are not based on items provided. 

  • Some examples of a service hour are the time spent attending a service project, planning a service project/drive, wrapping care packages, collecting, and organizing donated drive items. 
  • Service hours should NOT be given for attending club socials or for the number of items donated in a drive. 
  • Due to this, please submit accurate service hours to prevent inaccurate Online Pride Report submissions!

Below is the Keymunnity video tutorial and there are more club secretary resources under Club Officer Resources. Please contact the District Secretary (, the Tech Committee (, or your Lieutenant Governor for questions and concerns.