District and International dues are $12.50 ($5.50 for District and $7.00 for International).

Clubs may add an additional amount to be retained by the club. Total dues amount must be in the Club Bylaws as approved by two-thirds vote of your members.

The Membership Update Center (MUC) is used to input and update membership information and will be open in September.


Florida Key Club Endowment Fund

The Florida Key Club Endowment Fund was established to provide college scholarships and funds to reduce the cost of the annual District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON). The Endowment Fund focuses on funding opportunities for Key Club servant leaders and will fund at least ten scholarships, nine of which will be $2,000 each. As the Endowment grows in future years, the number of funded scholarships will increase. In fact, over the next five years, the Endowment aims to grow to more than $1 million and to eventually provide dozens of scholarships. However, this goal will only be possible with your help.



The Florida Opportunity Fund (FLOF) is a grant for service projects available only in the Florida District of Key Club International. FLOF can give clubs up to 2/3 the money necessary for service projects; however, schools must provide 1/3 of the amount they wish to receive. The amount of money you can get ranges from $100 to $1,000. Your club must be in good standing, meaning they have submitted most Pride Reports on time, completed the OIF, paid dues, and are active in service projects and divisional/district events.

The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is Key Club International’s grant program for service projects. You can receive funding for projects between $100-$2,000 once a year. Applicants must have an adult advisor. Divisional projects will not receive a YOF Grant.



The Key Club Scholarships program is a great way for students to be recognized and awarded for their hard work as Key Clubbers. It is the job of the Scholarships Committee to make sure that students are aware of this opportunity and the requirements they need to fulfill to become a standing applicant using up to date and fluent communication. Apart from assisting Key Clubbers in applying for Scholarships, the committee also works towards thoroughly evaluating each applicant to determine which students best exemplify the requirements for each scholarship applied to.