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I’m so ready to go to DCON! What should I pack?

Refer to this Packing List.


What is DCON?

DCON is the abbreviation for our District Education and Leadership Conference, which
is held annually in the Florida District of Key Club. It is a weekend of fun, learning, and
meeting other student leaders from all over the Sunshine State.


Why should YOU go to DCON?

If you are dedicated to service and Key Club this is the event for you. By attending you
have the opportunity to witness firsthand the amazing impact you, your Key Club, and
this organization as a whole in this world. You also have the opportunity to learn more
about the organization and how to get more involved. Most importantly you will have a
wonderful weekend with some of the most enthusiastic and passionate servants leader
in the district.


Other than workshops, what else is there?

Throughout the weekend there will be guest speakers, an Awards Session, Governor’s
Banquet and Ball, House of Delegates, CKI Pool Party, and a Meet & Greet.


What is House of Delegates? Do I have to be a delegate?

House of Delegates occurs in the late afternoon on Saturday. During this session the
next Governor, Secretary, Treasurer and International Endorsements will be decided. In
addition, any new amendments to the bylaws will be discussed and voted on. Each
school in attendance must send two representatives to this session to vote in the best
interest of their Key Club. For more information about House of Delegates contact our
Legal, Elections, and Credentials Chair Vanessa Paneque at


What’s included in the price of registration?

The registration price covers your meals on Friday and Saturday, your hotel room,
souvenir bag (DCON bag, t shirt, name tag, pin and more) and access to all
conference sessions and workshops!


What food should I expect?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included on Friday and Saturday, including a
banquet meal on Saturday evening. If you prefer a gluten free or vegetarian diet,
ensure that your advisor specifies this when registering your club. Unfortunately, kosher
meal requests cannot be accommodated.


How much money should I bring?

Although food is provided Friday and Saturday you will need money for food Thursday
night and Sunday morning. Throughout the conference there will also be Key Club
merchandise on sale and the opportunity to participate in an auction to escort your Lt.
Governor to the Governor’s Banquet. So budget carefully!


Once my bus arrives at the hotel, what do we do?

A member of the Registration Committee will board your bus and give you specific
directions. Generally speaking, all members should give their forms (if not turned in
ahead of time) to the chaperone to turn in when registering. Rooms are not ready until
3PM, so make sure to take some pictures in front of our photo backdrop and check out
the DCON App for more cool things to do.


DCON interferes with my prom/Grad Bash/other event. Can I leave DCON and return?

Under specific conditions, you will be allowed to leave the hotel. However, you must
turn in a notarized Permission to Leave form ahead of DCON to give us enough time to
evaluate your request.


Is there a Starbucks at the hotel?

There is a coffee shop that serves Starbucks coffee on the way from rooms to the
Convention Center.


Is a curfew enforced?

For everyone’s safety, students must be in their assigned rooms from 12:00 AM to 6:00
AM. Chaperones are responsible for ensuring that their assigned students are in the
correct area. If you are found to be in violation of curfew you will you be sent home
early from the conference.


Will there be leisure time? If so, how can I spend it?

There is definitely enough time to bond with other Key Clubbers outside of scheduled
activities. Many attendees choose to spend their down time either hanging out around
the convention center, swimming in the pool, spending time in the lobby, or going back
to their rooms for a quick nap.


Is there Wi-Fi?

In all hotel rooms free Wi-Fi is provided. However, in convention areas there is no free
Wi-Fi access.


What is a District?

Districts make up Key Club International and these districts are made of one or more states and/or regions. The state of Florida and the Cayman Islands is one of thirty-four districts and one of the largest!


  • Quad (4 persons per room): $265
  • Triple (3 persons per room): $330
  • Double (2 persons per room): $360
  • Single (1 person per room): $565

Note: Students cannot register as a single 



Contact DCON Chair Rebecca Yap at dconchair@floridakeyclub.org and DCON Administrator Sam Kerce at adasam@floridakeyclub.org.