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Awards & Contests


This committee will proof-read and revise award applications, decide what each awards recipient will receive, and work to ensure that all necessary deadlines are met for Awards Season to proceed efficiently. They will also develop new and innovative ways to expedite the Awards and Contests processes, specifically by looking into further digitalizing the application process with the assistance of the District Webmaster and make recognition even more accessible to clubs. The Committee will also consider giving awards throughout the year as well as consider different methods of disclosing to applicants why they did not receive an award. 

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District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON)

Chairs: Amber Morgan & Jaleigha Dunlap

This committee will be responsible for the overall planning of our District Education and Leadership Conference to be held April 2 – April 5, 2020, at the Rosen Shingle Creek. They will create KCKC and SZR promotional videos, decided the Conference’s theme, choose our guest speakers and entertainment, and will carry out a variety of other tasks required for a successful Conference! They will seek input and suggestions from the District Board plus consider implementing a service project into the Convention which will be sure to include the entire Kiwanis Family.

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This committee will be in charge of educating Key Club officers, members, and advisors on a variety of important topics. These topics will include but are not limited to, leadership, how to strengthen a club, how to educate members and get them involved in the administration of club and projects, and successful planning. They will also update KCKC and SZR Training Presentations and will have a role in any presentations necessary for workshops at DCON. The presentations will have ample amounts of information and the committee will need to find methods to train LTGs to present the material with complete knowledge so that members learn as much information as possible. The Committee will also work to help educate members on the leadership opportunities in Key Club, and the big picture of our student-led organization. This committee will be a resource to LTGs and clubs.


This committee will be charged with updating the goals and details of the marketing plan to raise money for the Endowment. It will update and manage the club and individual recognition program, any district-wide fundraising efforts, and the internet-based donation program. Fundraising will be directed primarily towards Key Clubs, Key Club families, Key Club members, interested individuals, and community sources such as foundations. The committee will determine whether to hire a professional grant writer. It will propose to the board for approval of a funding formula for determining how funds will be spent within the scope of the Endowment’s purpose.

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Generation Green (Governor’s Project)


This committee will develop a booklet of ideas for Generation Green, create a logo, and promote member participation with the Governor’s Project. They will also decide on Governor’s Project Week by August Board Meeting. This committee will look at ways to increase participation in clubs not participating according to their Governor’s Project hours portion of their Pride Reports. This committee will be a resource to LTGs and clubs.

Kiwanis Family Relations


This committee will make efforts to strengthen the interaction between the six branches of the Kiwanis Family:  Kiwanis Kids (K-Kids), Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K International (CKI), Aktion Club, and Kiwanis. They will work closely with the Membership Development Committee to form new Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, and Kiwanis Kids Clubs. They will submit articles to The Sunshine Source featuring different events where multiple levels of the Kiwanis Family were present. Furthermore, this committee will work closely with Circle K’s Kiwanis Family Relations Chair in efforts to coordinate events. This committee will give LTGs tools to reach out to their Kiwanis Family branches to form new charters as well as stronger relationships.

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Legal, Elections, and Credentials Committee


This committee will review candidate applications and election procedures and develop clear and concise instructions and requirements. They will decide speech time and caucusing time for candidates, consider methods to expedite ballot counting, and ensure the election forms are kept up-to-date. These members will serve on the Elections Violations Committee so that if we must make a decision on an elections violation, we will have three unbiased people who can be involved in the decision. Not only will this committee monitor elections, but will review District Policies and Bylaws in depth to provide any revisions that need to be voted on by the Board and/or members at House of Delegates. To serve on this committee, you must have a firm perspective on the need to follow the rules and display good ethics and morals. This committee will seek input from the board and will be a resource to LTGs and to clubs.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee


This committee will be responsible for promoting Key Club, assisting clubs in membership awareness, and generally increasing the popularity of our organization. They will also assist in early promotion of DCON and ICON, along with making recommendations for KCKC and SZR promotion. Throughout the year, they will help establish the revitalized focus of Key Club as a leadership development organization, and the many leadership opportunities available on the Club, District, and International levels. The Public Relations committee will be a resource to the District Board as well as clubs in certain instances. The ultimate goal of this committee is to make Key Club a household name within the Florida District.

Membership Development Committee


The goal of this committee is to increase membership within the Florida Distinct and improve the knowledge our members have about Key Club International. The committee develops tools for our clubs to grow their membership and better understand what Key Club is about. It also acts as a resource for clubs who request help in these areas. The larger our membership and the better our members understand what they belong to, the greater the impact we will have in the world.



This committee will work to update all scholarship applications, re-format the scholarships page on the Florida Key Club Website, and help with the planning of the use of the Endowment Fund for Key Club scholarships. They will also look for new and innovative ways to expedite the scholarships’ processes, specifically looking into further digitalizing the application process with the assistance of the District Webmaster, and find more accurate ways to judge applicants. They will be responsible for promoting DCON Program Ad sales.

Service & Major Emphasis


This committee will promote service throughout the Florida District with an emphasis on meaningful and impactful service. They also will help promote the Major Emphasis projects and will help increase the district’s involvement with such charities. This committee will provide ideas, training, and motivation regarding service project planning and implementation. This committee will be a resource to LTGs and clubs.

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International Relations (Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF)


This committee will find ways to promote TOT for UNICEF and look to involve even more clubs in this task. They will also find creative ways to tie TOT into larger events in the Fall and provide new fundraising ideas for this season. After TOT has ended this year, they will be absorbed into the Service and Major Emphasis Committee or wherever needed. They will track clubs participating in TOT and will be counted on to produce promotional materials and fundraising ideas for the project.

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