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Florida District Leaders, 

This is a friendly reminder that there are about three  months left for you to register for the highly anticipated District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON)! As we get into the Holiday spirit and joy, we want to share with you a few fundraising ideas for your clubs. Remember that you can access the official fundraising guide here

  1. Candy Grams: Choose simple, inexpensive candies, like lollipops or candy canes, which can be purchased in bulk at a low price and resold for profit. You can get creative with these little cards; for example, cut them into snowmen for the Winter Season! Make sure you advertise with enough time around your school and set up a table around campus for people to sign up and order bags. Choose a day with your Key Club members where you can all put the candy grams together!
  2. Hot Cocoa Craziness: As it begins to get cold, a hot chocolate fundraiser is a sweet way to raise money during the winter season! You’ll want to buy hot chocolate mix in bulk, and purchase or borrow a couple carafes to keep it hot. You’ll need a table for your hot chocolate, to go cups, and lots of change so that your supporters can purchase items. If you’re running your fundraiser over the Holidays, get festive with your hot chocolate! 
  3. Movie Night: Your Key Club could host a movie night at your school’s gym and invite people to a Holiday movie watch party! Arrange time, location and admission prices with your club and begin promoting your night with the school and community. Make sure you have access to a projector, movie and permission from your school. To fundraise a little extra, you could consider selling snacks at the event and consider decorating the place to make it even more special for attendees! 
  4. Bonfire: Everyone adores bonfires on the cold nights of winter and if it’s a winter holiday, people will love to participate even more. Furthermore, a bonfire fundraiser can be a grand success if it has arrangements for foods like Toffee Apple Cakes, Caramel Popcorns, or Hot Chocolate Fudge Cakes. To raise more funds, it’s the best idea to charge an entry fee.
  5. Holiday  Walkathon: Holiday Walkathons are the best fundraising ideas for schools. It is perhaps the fundraiser where you will require spending a minimum amount but will get significant donations in return. The youngsters in your community will love to join the Holiday walkathon!

We are also excited to announce our new Sponsorship Letter to help members solicit donations from local businesses to cover registration costs. This sample letter can be updated to fit the needs of each member and club. You can find the letter here! 

We hope these ideas help you and your club fundraise to attend the amazing event DCON will be. Keep in mind registration closes on February 17th and all money needs to be received by February 21st. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have!

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