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DCON 2017: President Workshop.  


Rabeea Summer Rehman
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23/03/2017 10:41 pm  

Greetings President-elects,

At DCON next week, Division 1 Lieutenant Governor Le'Ondriz Holloway and I will be holding the Club President workshop. We will be training you for the position and responsibilities that follow. To help, we would like to open up the platform to you! Is there something specific regarding the duties of a President that you had questions about? Or needed tips on? Your question might be about club goal settings, recruiting members, keeping officers on task, how to preside a board, public speaking, etc.

Leave your questions below or email me at:

We are so very excited in adventuring with you at DCON!

Erin Chen
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29/03/2017 2:20 pm  

Hi Rabeea! I won't be attending the President's workshop, but I do have a few questions in general that I would love for you to answer!

What seating arrangements are the most conducive to productive board meetings? The president at the head of the table, or sitting more in the center? Since some people don't have round tables, what would be the best arrangement?

Who should pick up the work that doesn't go into a specific officer position? Should it be on a volunteer basis, a rotation, or by hierarchy?

How should the board deal with an officer not doing their work? What is the best process for addressing the issue?

Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing back from you (and possibly seeing you at DCON!)

Erin Chen

Pine View Key Club Webmaster 2016-17



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