Governor’s Project


There are over 3 million food insecure people living within the boundaries of the Florida District of Key Club.
It’s about time we did something about it.

This year Governor Martha Grace Hagan joins the Florida District in Feeding Our Future through the growth of food, service, and literacy. From reading to local elementary schoolers, to speaking at a K-Kids or Builders Club meetings, to attending a District Large Scale Service Project, everyone can contribute to the project. With Feeding Our Future your club can work on projects that involve education about the disadvantaged, cooperation with local food banks, inter-club food drives, and so much more. Use #FeedingOurFuture on social media for a chance to be featured in The Sunshine Source!


Governor’s Project Members of the Month

The Governor’s Project Members of the Month are Key Clubbers who have been recognized for displaying outstanding effort in Feeding Our Future. If you or someone you know deserves to be recognized, please email their name, school, and a summary of why they are eligible to


Feeding Our Future Guide Book

Click here to download the Feeding Our Future Guide Book for service project ideas, club spotlights, and more!


Governor’s Project Week: January 23-28, 2017


Monday: Social Media Awareness Day

Take the day to learn about the disadvantaged in your area and share your findings with your home, school, and community. Learn as much as you can and take advantage of social media-based outreach. Check out Feeding America to learn more about the problem. Have a Twitter talk, post photos of projects and brainstorm innovative ways for people to take a step in Feeding Our Future. Start a #FeedingOurFuture movement!


Tuesday: Food Drive Day

Reach out to your school to step up a canned food drive. Make it a competition among the different grade levels. Set up a real-time leaderboard. Tell the school administration and get it on the school announcements. Convince all your friends to spread the word about it during the days leading up to the event. You don’t have to stop it after just one day; keep it going all week if you want to.


Wednesday: Reading for the Future Day

Contact local schools and youth organizations and ask how you can help read to children. Establish a committee in your Key Club dedicated to managing this project. We all know how important it is to read, but by inspiring kids to pick up books, we truly are Feeding Our Future.


Thursday: PB&J Day

Find an organization that will accept sandwiches that you make. Get a solid group of friends, your Key Club, or your whole school together to form assembly lines along cafeteria tables or park benches. Use your a PB&J-athon to crank out loads of handmade sandwiches.


Friday: Kiwanis and SLP Day

Learn about how your local Kiwanis Clubs and other Service Leadership Programs (SLPs) are Feeding Our Future and find out how you can help them. This year the Governor’s Project of the Florida District of Circle K International (CKI) is the Welcome Home Initiative and many of its directives overlap with that of Feeding Our Future. Be sure to attend CKI events as we’ll as inviting CKI members to your events.


Saturday: Soup Kitchen Day

Reach out to your local soup kitchen or food distribution center. Find out how your Key Club can help package, transport, and distribute what is needed. Get Kiwanis, the rest of your school, and other community organizations involved. Take lots of pictures and make sure everyone knows about it!




Contact the Governor’s Project Committee at