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DCON Bulletin #1 – It’s not too late to be part of the exclusive ice cream social at DCON

Dear DCON Attendee,

It’s not too late! Don’t miss out on the exclusive ice cream social at DCON.

This special invitation is only available for those individuals that have opted-in to the voluntary $15 donation to the Key Club Endowment Fund during DCON registration.

If you did not make that donation, you now have a second chance. You can still attend this extraordinary event at DCON by going online (see Payment Instructions below) and making your donation of just $15 to the Endowment Fund, but you have to do this by 4:00 p.m. Friday, March 24th.

Why is it so important to donate to the Endowment Fund?

Because the members of Key Club receive direct benefits. That’s where more and bigger college scholarships come from. In addition, the cost to DCON is reduced for all who attend because of the Endowment Fund. And the larger the fund gets, the bigger and better the benefits become for the members of the Florida District of Key Club.

So, if you missed the chance to take advantage of this opportunity, now is the time to take action. Make a donation of $15, help yourself and other members of Key Club, now and in the future, and be invited to the ice cream social on Saturday at DCON.

Payment Instructions

One person who can pay online with a credit card will need to complete this donation for everyone.

  1. Log into your registration account at this link. You will need the account’s registration ID# and email.
  2. Select the “update/delete” link for each person you want to make the $15 donation for.
  3. In that person’s registration, change the choice at Endowment Donation from “$0” to “Yes-$15” and then click “Update”. Repeat this for each registrant you want to change.
  4. When finished making all changes, click the “Finished. Next Step” button and enter the number of people who will be attending the banquet on Saturday evening.
  5. You must now click the “Pay Online” button and be prepared to pay with a credit or debit card through PayPal. We cannot accepts checks for this second chance offering.

For questions contact Bob Parton at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair

DCON Bulletin #2– Volunteer at DCON; Provide Your Music Requests

Greetings Adventurers,

I hope you are excited for DCON! In just a few short weeks you will be embarking on a true adventure into service. On this expedition, we will be having two dances one during the Meet and Greet and the other during the Governor’s Ball. To make these experiences as enjoyable as possible we need your suggestions. Please click this link by March 17th to suggest your favorite songs to play during these dances. I look forward to hearing your music being played during DCON 2017!!

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer some time at DCON and receive service hours while learning how students run this awesome event. Anyone can be a volunteer. Check out our online signup and pick which slots you would like to fill.

Make your selections by March 18th!

Yours in service and friendship,

Rebecca Yap, House Committee Chair

DCON Bulletin #3– Preview Program Book, Candidate and Amendment Information, Club Delegates

Greetings Adventurers,

View DCON Program Book

Want a sneak preview of the program book that will be given out at DCON? Click this Program Book link.

View Candidates and Amendments Information

Get a preview of the 2016-2017 Candidates Information, Bylaws Amendments, and Resolutions book that will be distributed at DCON. It contains candidate information, proposed amendments, and other information. Note that there have been some changes in candidates for district office since the printing the Candidates Book. See the DCON program app for updated information.

Select club delegates who are NOT district board members

Each club attending DCON is allowed two voting delegates to the House of Delegates on Saturday. All 2016-2017 District Board members are already voting delegates (delegates-at-large), so select DCON attendees from your club who are not district board members so that more members can vote. However, if the only attendees from the club are board members, then they should be selected as the club’s delegates instead of delegates-at-large. Members elected for 2017-2018 are not delegates-at-large and may be selected to represent their clubs.

Any questions or concerns email DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair

DCON Bulletin #4 – What to Pack for DCON

Greetings Adventurers,

Wondering what to bring to DCON? Here are some suggestions for you to consider. You may also want to review the Dress Code Guide and the Schedule at a Glance.

  • 1 spirit wear outfit (Key Club T-shirts or DCON themed outfit)
  • 3 classy casual outfits
  • 1 business casual outfit
  • 3 Professional outfits
  • 1 formal outfit
  • Ties and belts and socks
  • Footwear for each outfit
  • Comfortable clothes for the ride back
  • Money for any additional expenses (Thursday dinner, Sunday breakfast, food/snacks during travel)
  • Toiletries
  • Necessary electronics (there is no Wi-Fi in hotel or meeting rooms)
  • Chargers for electronics
  • Notebooks and writing utensils for workshops
  • Pajamas
  • Undergarments
  • Medication (if necessary)
  • For the pool

Any questions or concerns email DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair

DCON Bulletin #5 – Hotel Room and Banquet Seating Assignments

Greetings Adventurers,

Some important points about your hotel room assignment.

  1. Everyone is assigned to a specific room and you may not change your assignment without authorization from the DCON room coordinator (Heather Locke). For your safety, we need to be able to find you in an emergency after everyone is in bed. This will also ensure that you can get a replacement key should you lose yours.
  2. If you lose a room key, go to the front desk with picture identification to request a new key. You do not need to be accompanied by an adult and getting a new key will not require all occupants of that room to get a new key. NEVER write your room number on your key!!!
  3. No more than four people may be assigned to or stay in a room overnight.
  4. Rollaways may not be requested in any student rooms and the hotel has been instructed not to fulfill such a request. In some cases, adults might be provided with rollaways at registration if rooms with two beds were unavailable where they were needed.
  5. Under limited circumstances and with permission from the room coordinator, room changes for individuals may be allowed if possible once you arrive at the hotel. Note that there are no vacant rooms at the hotel, so no changes can be made that would require adding a room.

Special Notes

  1. For all meals, registrants with special meal requests will have those requests printed on the back of their name badge. During meals, you may not request a special meal unless you have done so in your registration and it has been included on your name badge.
  2. The hotel has informed us that balloons cannot be brought into the hotel because they interfere with the fire alarm system and will result in a substantial fine against the school or individual.

Saturday Banquet Seat Assignments

  1. For the Governor’s Farewell Banquet, every attendee will be assigned to a specific numbered table.
  3. You may not add or remove chairs at a table.
  4. Anyone not abiding by #2 or #3 will be removed from the meal function for the rest of the evening and receive no refund. This includes adults. Several adults have been assigned to sections of the room to enforce these rules. These rules allow for an even workload for servers. In addition, assigning tables ensures an orderly seating of everyone registered and only for those registered, and eliminates the need to rush into the room to save tables and seats.
  5. Note that current district board members from your club will be sitting at the head table and not with their clubs. Incoming district board members will sit with their clubs.
  6. Tables vary in the number of seats. In cases where schools have more than 11 or 12 attending, you are generally evenly split between two or more tables located near each other with other schools filling in the remaining seats.
  7. There is no meal ticket for the banquet on Saturday; every seat is assigned instead.
  8. Seating assignments will be provided in the chaperon’s registration envelope at DCON along with a map of where the numbered tables are located.

Any questions or concerns email DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair

DCON Bulletin #6 – General Session Safety and Dress Code

Greetings Adventurers,

General Session Safety. For safety reasons, we cannot allow clubs to bring into sessions inflatable or large objects such as mascots and items to throw. Such items will be confiscated. If it cannot be worn and is not of reasonable size, it should not be brought to DCON.

Dress Code.  One of the most important things to remember when packing for DCON is dress code. For each event, there are guidelines on what to wear. An earlier email gave suggestions on the number of outfits of each type. Remember that most of you will be in a room with three other students, so don’t over pack.

Ladies, for the length skirts and dresses, please adhere to the fingertip rule. In addition, make sure that the three B’s are completely covered. While you are packing for DCON, try on each outfit to ensure that proper dress code is met and that the outfits are appropriate for the designated attires for each session.

Gentlemen, remember that dress shoes are required with business casual, professional, and formal dress. For professional and formal, both a coat and tie are required.

Note on formal dress: While formal dress is designated for the Governor’s Banquet and Ball, professional dress may be worn instead. For ladies, formal can include prom or homecoming dresses. Shoulders do not need to be covered for formal dress events, but they do need to be covered at all other times. Formal dress still needs to be appropriately modest. Men may wear tuxedos, suits, or coat and tie (professional) clothing.

It is the responsibility of chaperones to enforce the DCON dress code.

For an extensive dress code guide, click here.

Tip:  Make your long walk in heels more comfortable

During DCON it will not be uncommon to hear and see girls complaining about their blisters or sore feet. The walk from the hotel rooms to the conference center is long and very time-consuming. To lessen the impact on your feet consider bringing a pair of sandals or “folding shoes” to make the trip each time easier.

Any questions or concerns email DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair

DCON Bulletin #7 – DCON App and Service Project

Greetings Adventurers,

79th Annual DCON App

This year’s official DCON app can be found on all iPhone and Android devices under the title Florida Key Club DCON 2017. This will have everything you could possibly need to know about our conference from room numbers and session times to workshop topics and candidate information.

DCON Service Project

In addition to the dance at Meet and Greet, we will also be holding a service project! We will be making dog toys for animals in various shelters! To make these dog toys we need t-shirts. So, we are asking Key Clubbers from all over the Florida District to donate unwanted t-shirts during registration for this project. It would be preferred if these shirts were cut up beforehand and have the pieces donated. This document gives more explanation.

If you have any questions about this service project, please feel free to contact House Committee Chair Rebecca Yap at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair

DCON Bulletin #8 – Hotel Etiquette

Greetings Adventurers,

Key Club enjoys a reputation for being a well behaved and polite group of teenagers wherever we go for overnight events. We know that this year’s DCON will be no different.  For many of us, this DCON will be the first time we have stayed at a hotel. But even if we are more experienced, it is unlikely that anyone has given us any orientation of how one should behave in a hotel setting. Here are some guidelines.

Hotel Etiquette

In Your Room

  • Keep the noise down. This includes voices, television volume, music, and anything else that can disrupt the rest and relaxation of others. If someone else is noisy, contact someone at the front desk and let the hotel staff deal with it.
  • Use the trash can to dispose of your garbage. Make sure that you throw away anything that you don’t want, especially before leaving for home. Otherwise, they will make their way to Lost and Found and take up unnecessary space.
  • If you have a problem, such as noise or lack of hot water, call up the front desk and inform them politely. Do not yell or shout, as it will not resolve the problem. Talking politely will always do the trick.
  • Treat all furniture and fixtures in the room with care. These are not your personal belongings, and the hotel has expectations that you will leave them as you found them. If something is broken or doesn’t work, contact the front desk and let them know right away. Waiting can lead them to believe you broke it.
  • Respect your roommates’ need to go to sleep by curfew and respect their stuff.
  • Never take reusable items when you leave. You may take consumables such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotions. However, bathrobes, towels, dishes, glasses, mugs, coffee pots, and other objects are there for use only during your hotel stay. Take them and you will be charged.
  • Be an eco-friendly guest. Some hotels provide toiletry items for their eco-conscious guests, including the option to forego the daily towel service. Do your part by turning off the television, coffee pot, clothes iron, curling or flat iron, room lights and raising or lowering the air-conditioning before leaving.
  • Before leaving the room in the morning, don’t leave your dirty clothes, towel and other things lying around. Housekeeping staff must adhere to time limits when cleaning rooms and if you leave a room messy, they will overshoot their time limit or may miss something while cleaning your room.
  • When you leave your room, don’t let the door slam closed. Hold it until it closes gently and quietly. Also, do not prop door open with the lock or latch as this is a very bad security risk for those inside the room. If a roommate needs a new key, go to the front desk and get another one (but bring identification). Never write your room number on your key.

Common Areas and Facilities

  • Meals. Food provided at DCON is not “all you can eat”. You may go through the food line only one time and only for yourself. Meal tickets are required, so don’t forget them when you go to eat. At the Saturday evening banquet, sit at your assigned table only.  Do not move chairs to or from a table. Each seat is assigned to a specific person in advance and cannot be changed.
  • Be as quiet as possible when walking down the hall to or from your room. If you need to talk with someone, use a soft voice. Remember that noise echoes in hallways and the sound may be amplified in the rooms. Try to refrain from talking in the hallway between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.
  • Use proper language as one might expect of a Key Club member.
  • When you get to the elevator, be respectful of others getting off or on. Once you are inside, wait for others to load before pushing the button for your destination floor or hold the open button. If you have bags, push them as close to the wall as possible and get out of the way of anyone who needs to get past you. Don’t play with the buttons on the elevator. Ride only the elevator that is going in your direction. If possible, take stairs if only going a short distance.
  • Read the rules before using pools, Jacuzzis, and workout rooms. Be considerate of other guests.

Any questions or concerns email DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum at

In service,

Hannah Rosenbaum, DCON Chair


Contact DCON Chair Hannah Rosenbaum at and DCON Administrator David McCampbell at