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District Office
5545 Benchmark Lane, Sanford, FL 32773-8116
International Office
3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268
1-800-549-2647, ext. 411



District Board

Executive Committee

District Governor

Martha Grace Hagan
Boca Raton High School…………

District Secretary

Sabrina Flores
Somerset Academy

District Treasurer

Alyssa Frank
Wellington Community High School

District Webmaster

Yuria Utsumi
Boca Raton High School

District Editor

Jada Mohammed
Barbara Goleman Senior High School

Executive Assistant

Gabriela Charlot
Somerset Academy




Lieutenant Governors


Division 1 Lt. Governor

Le’Ondriz Holloway
Washington High School………………..

Key Club International Emblem
Division 2A Lt. Governor


Division 2B Lt. Governor

Jon Toledo
Niceville High School

Key Club International Emblem
Division 3A Lt. Governor

Jordan Rogers
Godby High School

Division 3B Lt. Governor

Rida Darji
Rickards High School

Division 4 Lt. Governor

Marissa Molloy
Gainesville High School

Division 5 Lt. Governor

Leigha Woods
Palatka High School

Division 6 Lt. Governor

Dawson Oliver
Vanguard High School

Division 7 Lt. Governor

Lexia Garay
University High School

Division 8 Lt. Governor

Elena Havemann
Wiregrass Ranch High School

Key Club International Emblem
Division 9 Lt. Governor


Division 10A Lt. Governor

Pareena Sharma
Seminole High School

Division 10B Lt. Governor

Rabeea Rehman
Timber Creek High School

Division 10C Lt. Governor

Deven Harridan
Osceola High School

Division 11 Lt. Governor

Sophia Byrd
Rockledge High School

Division 12 Lt. Governor

Caitlin Collins
Sunlake High School

Division 13 Lt. Governor

Lillian Shirley
St. Petersburg High School

Division 14A Lt. Governor

Venessa Seymour
Wharton High School

Division 14B Lt. Governor

Joe McGonnigal
Jesuit High School

Division 14C Lt. Governor

Ashley Johns
Armwood High School

Division 15A Lt. Governor

Amanda Laferriere
Winter Haven High School

Division 15B Lt. Governor

Odalis Hernandez
Hardee Senior High School

Division 16 Lt. Governor

Sheana Ward
Jenson Beach High School

Key Club International Emblem
Division 17 Lt. Governor

Christopher Fleck
Manatee High School

Division 18 Lt. Governor

Samanta Gallahan
Pine View High School

Division 19A Lt. Governor

Haley Gamez
Mariner High School

Division 19B Lt. Governor

Juan Cabrera
Lehigh Senior High School

Division 20A Lt. Governor

Noel Vincent
Suncoast High School

Division 20B Lt. Governor

Maria Landron
Royal Palm Beach High School

Division 21 Lt. Governor

Alyssa Clare
Boca Raton High School

Division 22 Lt. Governor

Jonathan Bastida
Immokalee High School

Division 23A Lt. Governor

Melissa Rowe
Atlantic Technical Magnet High School

Division 23B Lt. Governor

Rebecca Yap
Pompano Beach High School

Division 24A Lt. Governor

Robin Moscovitch
Western High School

Division 24B Lt. Governor

Caleb Neale
Cooper City High School

Division 25A Lt. Governor

Daniel Iglesias
Mater Academy Charter High School

Division 25B Lt. Governor

Natalie Antenor
MAST at FIU Biscayne Bay Campus

Division 25C Lt. Governor

Joshua Gibson
Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Senior High School

Division 26A Lt. Governor

Roberto Pupo
Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

Division 26B Lt. Governor

Sophia Bazo
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

Division 26C Lt. Governor

James Britton
Coral Shores High School

Division 26D Lt. Governor

Jacie Mascarenhas
Triple C High School


District Chairs

District Conference Chair

Hannah Rosenbaum
Sebring High School





Key Club Committee

District Administrator

Donna Parton



Assistant District Administrator

David McCampbell

Finance & ICON Administrator

Bob Parton






Zone Administrators



Zone A Administrator

Divisions 1 & 2
Jack Gander…………

Zone B Administrator

Division 3
Sam Kerce

Zone C Administrator

Divisions 4, 5, 6
Beverly Baird

Zone D Administrator

Divisions 10, 11
Bob Filichia

Zone E Administrator

Divisions 13, 14
Jim Powell

Zone F Administrator

Division 15
Richard Osso

Zone G Administrator

Divisions 16, 20, 21
Kerri Gordon

Zone H Administrator

Divisions 17 & 18
Pamela Edwards

Zone I Administrator

Divisions 19 & 22
Elizabeth Kominar

Zone J Administrators

Division 23 & 24
Gwen & Richard Leys

Zone K-25 Administrator

Division 25
Svetlana “Lana” Nudel

Zone K-26 Administrator

Division 26
Dawn Campbell

Zone L Administrator

Divisions 7 & 9
Dalton Yancey

Zone M Administrator

Division 8 & 12
Margaret Williams