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Awards & Contests

Chair: Joshua Gibson

The Awards & Contests Committee is an in-depth process that deals with all awards and contests given throughout the Key Club year. The committee works to provide up-to-date and new applications while expediting the awards and contests processes, specifically by digitalizing the application process. The committee works to give out awards throughout the year and make recognition more accessible to clubs.

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Chair: Hannah Rosenbaum

The DCON Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the annual Florida District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON) for 2,000 Key Club members and their chaperones. It also oversees and coordinates the work of 13 DCON subcommittees that will plan and carry out the many tasks required to hold a successful conference. This committee is responsible for ensuring that the conference planning adheres to the budget created for the event.

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District Large Scale Service Project

Chair: Rabeea Rehman

The DLSSP (District Large Scale Service Project) committee plans a service event, for Key Clubbers located all across Florida, to support the Governor’s Project “Feeding Our Future.” Governor Martha Grace’s Project aims to help the hungry and homeless. With this inclusive project, it is important for Key Clubbers to come together to support this meaningful cause especially through the DLSSP.




Chair: Odalis Hernandez

The Education Committee is responsible for creating and updating the materials for the workshops presented at District/Division events such as Key Club Kick-Off Conferences (KCKC), Spring Zone Rallies (SZR), and the District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON). We ensure that all of the material is to the standards of the Florida District of Key Club International and that it thoroughly educates all Key Club members, officers, and advisors.




Chair: Caleb Neale

The Florida Key Club Endowment Fund was established to provide college scholarships and funds to reduce the cost of the annual District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON). In 2017, the Endowment will fund at least ten $1,000 scholarships; in future years the Endowment will fund many, many more. In fact, over the next five years, your Endowment will grow to more than $1 million and eventually provide for dozens of scholarships. However, this is only possible with your help.

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Governor’s Project

Chair: Noel Vincent

There are over 3 million food insecure people living within the boundaries of our Florida District. This year, Governor Martha Grace Hagan and her Governor’s Project Committee join the rest of the Florida District in addressing this issue. The Governor’s Project Committee is tasked with spreading awareness of this problem and assisting Key Clubs in aiding their local communities through the growth of food, service, and literacy. #FeedingOurFuture

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Kiwanis Family Relations

Chair: Rebecca Yap

Kiwanis Family Relations Committee works to strengthen existing connections among all branches of the K-Family. On top of strengthening the bonds, we also work on increasing the number of connections by encouraging more charters.

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Membership Development

Chair: Maria Landron

The goal of this committee is to increase membership within the Florida Distinct and improve the knowledge our members have about Key Club International. The committee develops tools for our clubs to grow their membership and better understand what Key Club is about. It also acts as a resource for clubs who request help in these areas. The larger our membership and the better our members understand what they belong to, the greater the impact we will have in the world.



Public Relations

Chair: Ashley Johns

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public. It is imperative to help bring attention to your club and your service projects, which can be done using press releases and social media, as well as collaborating with businesses to work on a project.

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Chair: Pareena Sharma

The Key Club Scholarships program is a great way for students to be recognized and awarded for their hard work as Key Clubbers. It is the job of the Scholarships Committee to make sure that students are aware of this opportunity and the requirements they need to fulfill to become a standing applicant using up to date and fluent communication. Apart from assisting Key Clubbers in applying for Scholarships, the committee also works towards thoroughly evaluating each applicant to determine which students best exemplify the requirements for each scholarship applied to.



Service & Major Emphasis

Chair: Marissa Molloy

Service and Major Emphasis focuses its efforts on promoting meaningful and impactful service, along with Major Emphasis projects, throughout the Florida District. This committee provides resources that can be used in giving clubs ideas, training, and motivation in both planning and following through with service projects, seeing that service is at the heart of every Key Clubber.

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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Chair: Jonathan Bastida

The Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF committee’s main goal is to empower Key Clubbers to make lasting changes in their communities by collecting donations before, on, and after Halloween to help save and protect children. By Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF, we are able send money where the needs are greatest and bring much needed relief to suffering children and families. The committee works mostly to support The Eliminate Project, a program that works to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus – a deadly disease that claims thousands of babies’ lives each year. It only takes $1.80 to save the life of a mother and her child, so please consider partnering with Trick-or- Treat for UNICEF this service year.

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